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Most of us are operating in a semi-starved condition. Of course, as we see in the news reports this is the reality for many persons in the world today. However, this condition also applies to the majority of United States residents. A rather strong statement! After all, don't most of us eat as much as we like? In fact, aren't many of us actually trying to cut down on our food consumption because we have a weight problem.

Food may be plentiful, but the nutrient content is lacking. Over 50 years ago the Federal Department of Agriculture released a study revealing that our farm land is deficient in almost all of the nutrients required by our bodies, and it hasn't gotten any better. Unless you have access to organically cultivated foods that are grown on soils that have been continually enriched with all the trace minerals, you are not getting the nutrition necessary for optimal health.

So, our foods are nutritionally deficient and to make matters worse, our digestive systems are in need of a tune-up. Do you feel more tired an hour after eating than before dinner? How many of us have as many bowel movements during the day as meals eaten? Do you ever experience excessive gas?

These are all symptoms of an impaired digestive system. So, not only are our foods nutritionally deficient; we don't even assimilate what little value is present. Our body is not satisfied. We are subconsciously driven to eat more in a futile attempt to obtain the nutrients our body requires for optimum functioning. The excess of empty calories exacerbates any weight problem. We don't have the energy to exercise. We are on a continuing downward spiral of lower energy, lower vitality, and a lowered immune system. We are progressively more susceptible to disease.

Unfortunately, this state-of-affairs becomes the normal condition. We even think that our health is OK. We have forgotten what it feels like to wake-up in the morning with abundant energy, to jump out of bed, eager to start a new day.

Finally someone is saying what many of us have known for some time: that most people are unlikely to obtain enough vitamins from their diet and should take either supplements or eat specially fortified foods. This statement was released by the U.S. Institute of Medicine on April 7, 1998.

According to the U.S.D.A., it is estimated that 62 percent of the average American diet consists of three things: sugar, hydrogenated oils, and bleached flour. The first two (sugar & hydrogenated oils) contain no nutrients whatsoever. Bleached flour contains so little quality protein, B vitamins, gross/trace minerals ...etc., that maintaining your health and well being would be impossible, yet these three foods make up over half of what we eat.

Americans know the importance of saving money for the purpose of retiring someday, but few are taking the time to invest in their own health. By taking action today you can enjoy good health now and in the future. To help you wage the war against stress, fast-food, over eating, and nutritional imbalances, Alpha Base has been formulated with the latest science and the highest quality.

Alpha Base supplies the essential nutrients your body needs. In order to build a strong nutritional foundation, one must have a vitamin and mineral formula that offers the following essentials:

U.S.P Vitamins: All vitamins are not created equal. U.S.P, stands for United States Pharmacopeia, which is considered by the supplement industry to be the highest standard one can find in a vitamin today. It's your guarantee of quality and purity. So be careful, you really do get what you pay for.

Reacted Minerals: Research has proven that minerals that are fully reacted have a higher assimilation rate than other minerals. Studies prove that this patented process of surrounding a mineral with a specific amino acid produces higher absorption rates. Reacted Minerals have the correct: molecular weight, pH stability, and electrical charge (neutral). Watch out for junk minerals that are poorly absorbed such as: chlorides, oxides, carbonates, colloidals, sulfates and gluconates.

2:1 Magnesium To Calcium: Laboratories doing blood analysis agree that the number one mineral deficiency in America today is magnesium. Virtually all human bioenergetic processes require magnesium. This trace mineral is vital for optimal cardiovascular function as well as for bone integrity (calcium absorption), for normal muscular contraction, and for nerve impulses. However, despite the importance of magnesium, 85% of the population consumes less than the RDA.

No Iron Option: A surprising finding of a major Finnish study in a recent issue of Circulation revealed that Americans may be getting too much iron from their diet. Too much iron seems to create a strong risk factor for heart attacks and strokes, which may even rival elevated cholesterol levels. Researchers discovered that people with the highest iron levels had nearly triple the heart attack risk of people with the lowest iron levels.

Antioxidants: Numerous studies show that elevated intakes or blood levels of antioxidants are correlated with reduced free radical damage to tissues and therefore reduced incidence of disease. Alpha Base contains many of these essential antioxidants such as: bioflavonoids, selenium, vitamin E & C, zinc, Beta Carotene, L-Glutathione .....etc.

We take pride and caution when selecting natural supplements for our clients. Because of this commitment to excellence, it would be reprehensible for us to have anything less than the highest standards. We at Meta-Health recommend that you take Alpha Base instead of over the counter vitamins and minerals. Alpha Base is formulated with the latest science, highest quality, and superior ingredients. You should consider utilizing this great product for your whole family.

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