Weightloss Program Frequently Asked Questions

Meta-Health Weightloss Program FAQ's

What if you do not complete and bring in your food list each visit?

The counselors have no way of knowing how to guide you through the proper weight loss.

What if you do not visit the center 2 times per week?

You are not receiving the proper guidance needed to lose the weight fast. It is much easier to stay on track for fast weight loss. A lot can happen within one week. People that visit the center 2 times per week normally lose more pounds each week.

What if you skip a meal?

It will send your body into a starvation phase and then when you eat your body wants to “hang on to” the food you eat and store it as fat. Therefore, even though you ate less food, the body won’t lose the fat at as fast a rate. Also you will experience low energy.

What if you forget to take your EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids – Meta-Omega ’s)?

You can get dry skin, dry hair, hair loss and constipation. You may also crave fatty foods.

What if you don’t keep your water intake at least 64 oz. a day?

The body needs at least 64 oz. of water daily to metabolize fat and remove it from the body. Unsteady levels will contribute to weight fluctuation and water retention. It takes water to flush the fluids and fat out of your system.

What if you do not take that 3rd supplement for the day?

It could mess up the body’s water balance. The supplements contribute to the body’s water balance helping you avoid problems with fluid retention and bloating.

You will not be at the proper nutritional level and could run low on potassium, protein, vitamins and minerals.

You will not be at the proper caloric intake and will risk sending your body into the stage where it stores everything you eat as fat.

You will not have the proper amount of amino acids needed to break down the foods and body fat.

You will sag and bag without the supplements to rebuild the tissue and muscles as you lose weight.

Overall you will not average 2-3 pounds of weight loss for that week. Every time you do not follow the guidelines exactly, you mess up your weight loss average (you will not lose 2-4 pounds per week) and you get farther away from reaching your goal weight on time. We want to help you reach that goal as quickly as possible and by your goal date. Any time you have any questions on the program, please ask.


No one but you can be successful. Your Center Team will assist you in designing your individual program. You alone must adhere strictly to the plan if you are to succeed. Your weight loss will depend on your self-discipline and cooperation.

The Center Staff is here to help and guide you!!

It is imperative that you contact your Center Staff when taking any new medication.

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