Weightloss Program Details

Meta-Health Weightloss Program Guidelines

  1. Clients on the Meta-Health weight reduction program should visit the center a minimum of 2 times per week.
  2. Clients are required to take a minimum of 2 protein supplements per day (3-4 supplements for maximum weight loss) to be active on the program. These supplements make the program work and keep you from losing muscle mass.
  3. Clients should register positive on monitoring devices. It is important that we check your ketone levels so we can keep you at a healthy level.
  4. Daily vitamins and minerals are required. You may use your own or purchase products provided by the Center.
  5. You must drink 64 oz. (8 - 8 ounce glasses) of water per day. Water flushes the fat from your system and provides for general good health.
  6. You must take at least one teaspoon of flax oil, safflower oil, or EFA capsules (available at the Center) daily. These oils provide the essential fatty acid, linoleic acid which prevents dry skin, dry hair, hair loss and brittle nails. Suggestions for using the safflower oil: Use 1 teaspoon oil and 1 teaspoon vinegar as a salad dressing - or - Use 1 teaspoon oil to sauté approximately 1/2 cup of vegetables.
  7. You may drink up to 16 oz. of diet soda per day beginning on day 5. Coffee and tea may be consumed up to 3 cups per day, but creamer or milk should not be used. The following artificial sweeteners containing saccharin or aspartame may be used: Sweet 'n Low, Sugar Twin, and Equal, up to 4 packets per day. You may drink as much Crystal Lite, decaf tea or coffee as you like. Remember: Tea, coffee, or soda does not take the place of your water.
  8. The menus have been calculated to give you a balance between protein, fat and carbohydrate. It is imperative that you do not substitute other foods that may have an entirely different arrangement of protein, fat and carbohydrate which give you a different result. You must check every meal against your program sheet before starting to eat and must not rely on your memory. You must never adhere to the program without supervision from your Center Staff nor should you recommend it for any of your friends who are not visiting the Center.
  9. Be sure to record all food intake each day on the food sheet and bring it to the Center on each visit.
  10. Be sure to measure food portions accurately. A food scale is recommended.
  11. Prepare all foods by boiling, broiling, grilling, cooking or roasting without fat, lard, oil, butter, oleo, or other shortenings. Microwave cooking is permitted, as well as cooking in a crook pot.
  12. Meats should be trimmed of all visible fat before cooking. You may bake chicken or turkey with the skin on, and remove it before eating.
  13. Avoid regular or sugarless mints, gel toothpaste and mouthwash. You may chew 3 sticks of Extra or Trident gum a day if desired.
  14. Pepper and other spices may be used as desired in cooking. Use salt in moderation, Choose from the following seasonings: Lemon juice (1 tsp.), Mrs. Dash or Butterbuds - (1 serving per day). Garlic or onion powder, lemon pepper, Molly McButter, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (spray only), Papa Dash, sea salt, Salt Free 17, plain French's mustard and all extracts.
  15. Fruit should be fresh or unsweetened frozen.
  16. Vegetables should be fresh or frozen. Avoid canned as it is high in sodium.
  17. All bread should be low calorie, thin sliced, or approximately 40 calories per slice.
  18. Mild exercise, such as walking is highly recommended on the program.
  19. Fats and alcohol should not be used while on the program.
  20. FOR:
    • Breath odor . . . . . . Binaca spray or drops (mint or unflavored), or hydrogen peroxide.
    • Constipation . . . . . Fiberall, Konsyl, Surfak or products supplied by your Center.
    • Diarrhea. . . . . . Donnagel or Kaopectate.
    • Headache. . . . . . Tylenol, Aspirin, or Datril
    • Head Cold. . . . . . Aspirin or Co-Tylenol.


No one but you can be successful. Your Center Team will assist you in designing your individual program. You alone must adhere strictly to the plan if you are to succeed. Your weight loss will depend on your self-discipline and cooperation.

The Center Staff is here to help and guide you!!

It is imperative that you contact your Center Staff when taking any new medication.

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