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Give shape to your dreams!

Meta-Health offers two best-in-class weight loss programs to choose from!

HCG Weight Loss Program

We have something for you that during the course of many years has proven weight loss results.
> Weight loss
> Reduced Hunger
> Increased Energy
> Improved Mood

Anti Obesity Drug
Weight Loss Program

AOD 9604 is a new a peptide therapy with all the medical weight loss benefits and none of the side effects.
> Increased fat metabolism
> Appetite suppression
> Increased energy
> Enhanced muscle growth
HCG Weight Loss
HCG Kansas City

HCG and AOD 9604 is for both Women and Men

Both men and women have fantastic results with the HCG and AOD-9604 diets.  For women, the diets help provide body sculpting benefits as well as reversing certain signs of aging and reducing fat in areas that are almost impossible to effect. They help to reshape the anatomical fat that women have in greater quantity than men and improves the look of the face, neck and hands as well as targeting fat around the belly, waste, buttocks and thighs.

The benefits of these diets for men are similar to those for women.  In men, HCG helps to increase testosterone levels. The natural production of testosterone gives men more energy, drive and a sense of positive well-being as well as improved muscle mass while reducing stubborn belly fat. 

The HCG releases 1500-4000 calories in fat per day into the bloodstream, which is the reason why a 500-600 calorie diet doesn’t make dieters feel tired and hungry. Without the HCG releasing the unwanted fat and calories into the bloodstream, the patient would be miserable with hunger, experience mood fluctuations, and face nutritional deficiencies. 

The diets allow men and women to diminish fat stores. Unlike many other diets, the HCG Diet is able to unlock unwanted fat deposits to be used as energy, and it allows people to have energy and feel full while on the diet. Both diets tend to target areas that have the largest fat stores, and for this reason, people have a much leaner appearance after finishing the Meta-Health protocols.  

HCG is said to reset the hypothalamus and metabolism.  Most people end up with a more efficient metabolism and higher energy levels by the end of the HCG program.   Because of the more efficient metabolism, most people don’t experience the rapid increase of weight after completing the program.

The AOD 9604 diet focuses in on the abnormal fat while maintaining structural fat stores.  This FDA-approved peptide therapy has the unique ability to target areas of the body where there are abnormally high levels of fat and works wonders when combined with mild exercising and consuming a low-calorie diet as designed by Meta-Health.


Peptide AOD 9604 has two primary methods of regulating body fat:  Stimulates lipolysis– the breakdown of fats and lipids via the hydrolyzation of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids.  Inhibits lipogenesis– the metabolic process that forms fat in the first place.

Anti Obesity Drug
Weight Loss Program

AOD 9604 is a new a peptide therapy with all the medical weight loss benefits and none of the side effects.
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