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Cut back on your food intake

By mainly eliminating in-between meal snacking and junk foods. Begin eliminating fat, sugar, salt, and caffeine from your normal diet.

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Use the salad dressing that is acceptable on the program instead of your regular salad dressing.

Start drinking more water daily. 

By the time you have finished your preconditioning we would like for you to be able to consume a minimum of 64 oz. (8 – 8 oz. glasses) of water each day. You may add a slice of fresh lemon, lime or orange to your water if needed.

Start Today!

Begin implementing the life management guidelines provided to you by the center immediately.

After you have completed the pre-conditioning for three to five days you will proceed to the provided menu plan.

Start Today!

Weight Loss Pre-Conditioning Instructions

Three to five days before you begin your program menu, we would like for you to do the following

Remind yourself daily how SPECIAL you are.

You are very special and you deserve this time and attention.

When you begin taking care of yourself, you will feel great and you will become the best that you can be. We applaud you on your decision to lose those extra pounds.

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