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  • At home, limit food intake to one specific place.

  • Rearrange food supplies.

  • Keep food out of rooms other than the kitchen or pantry.

  • Have children or spouses make their own snacks.

  • Ask family and friends not to use food for gifts and rewards.

  • Change your route if a particular store or vending machine is a problem.

  • Keep extra food away from the table. Keep platters in the kitchen.

  • Clear the table immediately after finishing eating.

  • Have someone else remove, store and throw away leftovers.

  • Continue daily recording of your food intake.

  • Plan in advance for preferred foods.

  • Pre-plan food intake for each day.

  • Set up a time schedule each day for meals and snacks.

  • Prepare snacks in small quantities.

  • At a party, sit away from your favorite snack foods.

  • At a party, keep the basic techniques of recording, sitting down to eat and

  • limiting eating to one place.

  • Decide beforehand what you will order at a restaurant.

  • Avoid long periods of deprivations prior to a party or restaurant meal.

  • At restaurants, make special requests.

  • Give away, store or throw away leftover party food.

  • Prepare a complete shopping list.

  • Shop when you are not hungry.

  • Avoid distracting activities while eating.

  • Eat slowly.

  • Sit down while eating.

  • Plan a short delay before starting to eat.

  • Eat preferred foods first.

  • Leave a small amount of food on your plate.

  • Use alternate activities to decrease habitual feelings of hunger.

  • Change recognizable patterns of abnormal eating habits.

  • Maintain behavioral changes related to eating.

  • Exercise

Life Management Skills during weight loss

Life Management Instructions


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