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  • At home, limit food intake to one specific place.

  • Rearrange food supplies.

  • Keep food out of rooms other than the kitchen or pantry.

  • Have children or spouses make their own snacks.

  • Ask family and friends not to use food for gifts and rewards.

  • Change your route if a particular store or vending machine is a problem.

  • Keep extra food away from the table. Keep platters in the kitchen.

  • Clear the table immediately after finishing eating.

  • Have someone else remove, store and throw away leftovers.

  • Continue daily recording of your food intake.

  • Plan in advance for preferred foods.

  • Pre-plan food intake for each day.

  • Set up a time schedule each day for meals and snacks.

  • Prepare snacks in small quantities.

  • At a party, sit away from your favorite snack foods.

  • At a party, keep the basic techniques of recording, sitting down to eat and

  • limiting eating to one place.

  • Decide beforehand what you will order at a restaurant.

  • Avoid long periods of deprivations prior to a party or restaurant meal.

  • At restaurants, make special requests.

  • Give away, store or throw away leftover party food.

  • Prepare a complete shopping list.

  • Shop when you are not hungry.

  • Avoid distracting activities while eating.

  • Eat slowly.

  • Sit down while eating.

  • Plan a short delay before starting to eat.

  • Eat preferred foods first.

  • Leave a small amount of food on your plate.

  • Use alternate activities to decrease habitual feelings of hunger.

  • Change recognizable patterns of abnormal eating habits.

  • Maintain behavioral changes related to eating.

  • Exercise

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Life Management Instructions

Guidelines for a Sustainable and Balanced Approach to Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Life management instructions encompass practical guidance and strategies aimed at fostering sustainable and holistic approaches to weight loss and healthy living. These instructions may include advice on nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep hygiene, and other lifestyle factors essential for achieving and maintaining optimal well-being. By incorporating these instructions into daily routines, individuals can cultivate habits that support long-term weight management, enhance overall health, and promote a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

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