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Weight loss program plateau

Plateaus are a good sign

Once you understand the process of weight loss, you will actually be glad when you stop losing weight on your diet, or even gain a little weight at the end of 7 to 10 days!

Let us explain what is happening to your body.

At the plateaus, or flat spots on the graph, you may even gain some weight . . . but this is cause for rejoicing!

Weight loss is not the straight line process pictured in Figure 1.

It resembles more the “stair step” graph shown in Figure 2.

Weight Loss Graph
Weight Loss Graph

You see, in the first part of the diet, your rapid weight loss is due partly to water loss as well as fat loss. After 7 to 10 days, you&’ll probably stop losing weight. Unfortunately, too many people get discouraged and stop dieting at this point, too. Yet THIS IS WHERE REAL FAT LOSS OCCURS. Your body begins to retain water to maintain the shape and configuration of its cells as fat is lost. Cells must maintain a certain shape or they may collapse. Now, this is most important. Water is heavier than fat and so, while your weight may remain stable or even increase, you actually are losing fat. As the water is maintaining the shape of your cells, fat is lost from the cells. So even though your scales may indicate otherwise, YOU REALLY ARE WINNING THE LOSING BATTLE!

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